1. Third Floor Design are an exciting creative agency based in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire. The company is growing fast and as part of their expansion, Third Floor Design are seeking a talented Junior Designer to join the team.

    We're Hiring! Junior Designer Wanted!

    May 23 2017

    Read time: 2 min

  2. Our guest author and Ransomware specialist Llamara Swann shares some valuable tips for staying safe.

    Ransomware: How to stay safe

    May 19 2017

    Read time: 3 min

  3. One year in the lifespan of your website equates to roughly five human years. That makes Facebook 12 years old in the digital world, but a whopping 60 in human years. Facebook is getting on, but has had a facelift almost every year since launch - helping it to remain as one of the most recognisable websites ever created.

    Do I need to update my website?

    May 11 2017

    Read time: 4 min

  4. A microsite is a website generally focused on one topic, and separate from your normal website.

    What are microsites?

    Apr 13 2017

    Read time: 4 min

  5. We are always seeking new and innovative ways to improve websites. Aesthetics, functionality and user interactivity all contribute to developing unique user experiences.

    Using animation in web pages

    Feb 22 2017

    Read time: 3 min

  6. In a market where consumer’s wants are a priority and our requirement is to make their lives easier, there’s one clear way to approach this and that is to simplify.

    Simplifying a brand

    Jan 26 2017

    Read time: 2 min

  7. What you can do to make your site more secure

    Website security: part 2 of 2

    Jan 18 2017

    Read time: 3 min

  8. Why your site might be at risk

    Website security: part 1 of 2

    Jan 17 2017

    Read time: 4 min

  9. Spam: Stopping, spotting, squashing

    Email security

    Jan 05 2017

    Read time: 3 min

  10. Time to rethink your email marketing strategy?

    Email marketing: part 3 of 3

    Dec 20 2016

    Read time: 2 min

  11. Email marketing vs other marketing methods

    Email marketing: part 2 of 3

    Dec 09 2016

    Read time: 4 min

  12. Five reasons to embrace something new

    Email marketing: part 1 of 3

    Dec 01 2016

    Read time: 3 min

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