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on Jun 04 2014

Old dog new tricks

We are really excited to have teamed up with Marc Phelps, founder and Creative Director of The Edge.

We are really excited to have teamed up with Marc Phelps, founder and Creative Director of The Edge. For 20 years The Edge was an award winning branding agency working with clients across the globe in areas as diverse as hotels, high tech, online, education and retail.

Marc has been off the scene whilst he pursued other entrepreneurial activities, Marc says of the collaboration
 “As soon as I met James – we just saw things eye to eye. From my experience that is vital when you have a creative team on your side, they have to understand each other at different levels, conceptual, design and the all important delivery! I loved the work they do, it’s real quality and I am proud to work with them”

Adding Marc as a consultant brings two decades of experience in brand development, culture change, consumer insights and creative thinking that transforms the service that Third floor can now deliver. He has personally steered rebrands, new product development, launches and creative projects for clients that include Hilton, Capita and Nelson Thornes to name a few.

One of the most prestigious projects the team has undertaken together is a complete rebrand of the Society for Endocrinology and Bioscientifica, its publishing arm. “The complex and diverse messaging required was a real challenge and we are delighted with the reception the new brand has had in the medical community, it required working closely with the societies marketing team” said James, it’s a great indication of the work that Third Floor will be creating in the coming years.

With an already impressive set of skills from branding through to digital services such as web and e-marketing Third Floor are taking the next step by collaborating with Marc and using his wealth of knowledge and experience to help drive their clients businesses forward.

James said “We hope to continue working with businesses of all sizes and look forward to expanding on our range of services that give our clients more value. You don’t need huge budgets or large marketing teams to get great results, it’s simply about listening and creating something that works for them

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