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on Sep 19 2013

What's new in the World of Wide Web - Generate Conference 2013 London

Generate Conference 2013 London

From Cheltenham to London

Last Friday Marc Sanders and I attended the long awaited event hosted by the leading digital industry magazine .Net and Creative Bloq . As born geeks interested in everything that can be coded, interacted with and published online we were very exciting to share one of the coolest Covent Garden’s venues with so many great minds of XXI century.

A glance into the event

Conferences like this are always a fantastic source of inspiration, education and networking opportunities. London’s event was mainly focused on the latest technical and creative innovations in the world of web design.

From the early morning the great mix of: designers, developers and creatives was amassing at Grand Connaught Rooms. With sessions, workshops and presentations from the key industry profiles it was a unique opportunity to learn new skills and participate in one-on-one conversations and learn from some of the world’s best designers.

Marc and Damian networking with other creatives at the conference

After a day of networking, inspiring talks and engaging interviews the “creative mass” moved to another superb venue to finalise the event. In less formal way, Marc and I enjoyed geeky conversations and discussions on the future of the web. It was exciting to be around so many influential and inspirational faces of the modern web design.


Web design is a thriving and ever evolving. Despite the industry being only 23 years old, it continues to change thanks to the community of passionate people who takes joy of creating and improving our every day experiences.

It feels good to be a part of it and contributing to the community of online users. On the other hand, we as designers feel responsible for websites, applications and services we publish so every next line of code is better then the previous and create more reliable WWW

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