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Posted by Amy Hatch

Window Widgets

120 page technical product brochure

We are all really pleased to see the newest Window Widgets brochure back from print. This has been an ongoing project, working alongside all the guys and girls on the Window Widgets team – but its definitely been worth the effort!

Window widgets have a vast range of products, all with their own unique specification and benefits, so plenty of planning and thought went into ensuring the brochure is intuitive to use and easy to navigate.

Each and every product is available in multiple sizes, material choices and colour finishes, and these choices are all clearly displayed on every page.

Window widgets offer a lot of products that are not available from any other supplier, So we have pages allocated to explaining and demonstrating the benefits and USPs.

120 pages of specs, technical info and options clearly displayed and looking beautiful!

Looking forward to the 2015 edition already!

Why not take a peek at the new responsive website we designed and built for them.

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