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on Feb 18 2016

Tax Monkey

Tax. made easy

Tax monkey is a professional practice guiding you through the tax jungle, making sure that you don’t get clobbered by any branches along the way.

We were approached by Tax Monkey to create a brand for their new tax service, offering support to private individuals taking the pain out of the tax system.

A bespoke website was also designed and built. Being an in depth subject, we wanted to ensure that we covered and communicated all the required information clearly. The responsive design allows the site to adapt across all platforms.

With the use of the various illustrations and vibrant colours, we wanted to make tax monkey an interesting and exciting site to navigate through.

We then rolled this out creating flyers for the launch of the new company to raise brand awareness.

A very enjoyable project to work on – we’re very pleased with the outcome!!

Visit the site here www.tax-monkey.com

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