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Posted by Harry Ray
on Sep 14 2016

Moving on from Internet Explorer (IE) 8 and 9

The importance of keeping your browser up to date in an ever-changing digital world.

In 2015, Google announced that they were dropping support for IE 9 within its Google Analytics service. Microsoft followed this in January 2016 with an announcement that ‘only the most current version of IE [would] receive technical support and security updates’.

Third Floor’s Digital department have decided that it’s time to stop developing with IE 8 and 9 in mind. Dropping support for these going forward will allow us to make future websites both faster and flashier, as we won’t be hamstrung by issues and bugs that are caused by the two Microsoft browsers. Our hope is that by cutting support for old IE versions, more people will make the update to secure, modern browsers.

Global browser usage stats indicate that IE has become less and less popular over the past year, with the current percentage of users choosing to browse on IE 8 and 9 sitting at 0.55% and 0.37% respectively. With usage stats that low, chances are good that you’re not using either of them… We would definitely recommend an upgrade if you are!

Keeping your browser up to date offers several great benefits. Firstly, and possibly most importantly, modern browsers are more secure than their older counterparts. They receive support and technical upgrades directly from the developers, and have the ability to keep your data safe – even on sites that aren’t secure.

Secondly, new browsers are able to display the latest code as it’s intended to be seen, meaning that every website looks better in the most up to date version. New browsers also offer a multitude of additional features, and tend to be faster than previous releases.

As of September 2016, Third Floor will no longer develop websites that support Internet Explorer (IE) 8 or 9 unless there is specific analytical data or evidence to show that a particular company’s client base heavily use these browsers.

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Illustration by Emma Balebela, Third Floor Design

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