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Posted by Charlie Beeson
on Oct 17 2016

Brand Tips

Branding isn’t rocket science, but it does follow some fundamental rules.

In our latest blog post we outline what it takes to create a distinctive, memorable brand. The general rule is to keep it simple! Consumers are bombarded with 1000’s of messages every day and the brain is hard-wired to filter these messages out. Brands must therefore keep things simple, ensure the messages are relevant and that their proposition is distinct. Stick to this and your brand will become one of the strongest assets you own.

1. Recognition
We’re creatures of habit and we like familiarity. A consistent brand gives the consumer reassurance that they‘re buying from the right place and the more they see you, the more they’ll trust you.

2. Be Distinct
Many brands operate in a crowded marketplace. Customers, both trade and consumer need to see a point of difference, a reason to choose you over your competitor. So be distinct and make sure they see and understand it.

3. Personality
Your brand is your personality, it tells your customers about the kind of company you are. Think about how you describe the business, how you communicate to customers and how this makes them feel – this applies from the very top downwards.

4. Be Clear
With a clear strategy and focus for your brand, your internal team will be motivated and engaged by it. After all, if they don’t understand it, how will your customers!

5. Be Memorable
Customers wear brands, they eat brands and they love telling other people about them. In order to achieve this, they need to remember you.

6. Expectations
If you’re consistent and clear with what you offer, customers know what to expect. It’s no longer a risk for them and it’s an easy decision that makes the sell a whole lot easier!

7. Make a Promise
Your brand is your promise to your customers… so don’t make a promise you can’t keep. Make it, stick to it and make sure everyone knows about it.

8. Focus
A defined strategy will give you and your team focus to reach the goals and objectives of the business. The strategy will also define how you communicate, what you communicate and who to.

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