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Posted by Charlie Beeson
on Nov 17 2016

The annual race for the Christmas top spot

With singing carrots, multi-coloured yetis and a wet robin taking over our TV screens and checkout conversations, the race for the nations favourite Christmas Advert is on.

It’s November – we’re entering into the festive period rapidly and It’s the time of year we take to our sofa’s awaiting a bushtucker trial and the overkilled X-Factor finals! But at this time of year what are we really waiting for? That’s right, the nation’s biggest stores to win our hearts this Christmas.

With a competitive market, the supermarkets and department stores are battling for our heart strings. John Lewis kicked off the season with #BusterTheBoxer hitting our screens – but are we left with a taste of bovine TB, badger culling and undertones of “but animals always win hearts” following the flop of Monty the penguin?

Proving it’s not only animals that win us over was mischievous Jake – a spirited child with the desire to surprise his older sister with some sparkly red trainers! In a 21st century take on a trendy middle-aged Mrs. Claus, have M&S taken the top spot with an endearing letter and a story of two siblings we can all relate to at Christmas?

If it’s not the squabble of Jake and Anna, it could be the treacherous adventure of Kevin the Carrot. The remade tale of The Night Before Christmas follows Kevin from table top to mantelpiece before he takes to the skies of London, Glasgow and Stoke! This clever twist on a traditional tale adds a sprinkle of humour to the warmth of Christmas Eve.

Passing comment on only three of this seasons money makers – below are TF’s favourite festive ad’s from recent years!

John Lewis – The Bear & The Hare – 2013

Sainsburys – Christmas is for sharing (1914-2014) – 2014

Coca-Cola – Holidays Are Coming (It had to be in here…)

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