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on Dec 01 2016

Email marketing: part 1 of 3

Five reasons to embrace something new

Maintaining contact with customers

Email Marketing allows you to maintain consistent, scheduled and direct communication with your customers. This kind of connection allows you to keep your products and services fresh in your customers’ minds. Litmus (https://litmus.com/, one of the most trusted Email marketing and analytics companies) has produced statistics showing that ’82% of consumers open emails from companies’.

Creating a connection through carefully crafted email campaigns with your customers can help to build customer loyalty – especially if you make sure your emails are unique and targeted, or part of a larger customer care strategy.

Uniquely measurable ROI

When compared with other methods of communication, one of the most important bonuses that email marketing has is that many systems (we favour Campaign Monitor) can provide you with detailed reports to track open rates, clickthrough rates, deliverability, peak opening times, unsubscribers, email forwarding, social interaction – all kinds of data that can give you a broader and clearer view of your customers and how they interact with you.

On top of tracking your email campaigns, Campaign Monitor offers you the option to track each individual subscriber, and can provide you with historical data on how they interact with your campaigns – offering you the ability to segment and focus on individual customers and groups within your database.


Segmenting your main contact list can help you use your Email Marketing as effectively as possible and allow you to send highly targeted marketing and communications to your customers.

These targeted email campaigns can lead to huge increases in customer interaction, and drive more traffic to your site. It can even help to bring customers that were beginning to fall away back into the fold.

Automation, integration and making your customers feel valued

One of the most powerful ways to use your email communications is to integrate them with your website and automate them based on customer interaction. For instance, if somebody signs up to your mailing list, sending them a welcome email is a great way to open a connection with them and let them know what they can expect from your email marketing.

Integrating your email marketing with your customer interaction can help to make your customers feel valued which, in turn, will increase your ROI. For instance, automating an email to go out to customers that haven’t logged in to your system or bought a product from you for a while can help to refocus them, and can turn a cold lead back into a paying customer.

Generating leads through email sharing

Another great aspect of Email Marketing is how shareable your marketing material is. Great marketing emails can surprise, shock or amuse your customers, and won’t feel like marketing material at all. This means that customers will be much more likely to forward your emails, or share them with their friends – helping your content to go viral and generating new leads.

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