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Posted by Harry Ray
on Dec 20 2016

Email marketing: part 3 of 3

Time to rethink your email marketing strategy?

Are you getting the most out of your email campaigns? Using the reporting and analytics tools that many email marketing services offer you, you can gauge how well your campaigns are doing – and decide whether it’s time for a change.

Who are you talking to?

Through Campaign Monitor, you can gather individual reports for each subscriber, including open rates, clickthrough rates and an easy-to-read 5-star rating system for each subscriber. Depending on how much information you put into your audience lists, you should be able to use these ratings in conjunction with subscriber information to determine who your message is best reaching.

• Are these the people you’re aiming for?
• Do you need to refocus your message?

What are your audience doing?

Take a look at your campaign reports. How do your clickthrough rates look? Your customers’ interaction with your emails can tell you how clear you’re being with your messages and your calls to action.

If your campaigns aren’t guiding your customers the way you intended, there could be an issue with the content of your emails or how they look. Split testing your campaigns with different designs or different copy should give you a clearer idea of what the problem is – the first step in solving it.

• Do you need to be clearer with your message?
• Is it time for a redesign?

What else are you doing?

What does your company look like to the public? If you’re using different branding or messaging from one form of advertising to the next, you might look unfocused or amateurish – a surefire way to lower customer confidence.

If your email marketing isn’t in line with your other advertising or branding, you might need to rethink one form of advertising or another. Weighing up how your email communications are doing against how your other advertising is doing might give you a clearer idea of which messaging, design or tone performs the best for you.

• Do you need an email marketing strategy put in place?
• Do you need to update your offline branding?

Spring Cleaning

Rethinking your Email Marketing strategy offers the chance to step back and refocus. You might gain a deeper insight into your audience, develop ways to target them more effectively or find ways to increase your ROI with your offline channels as well as your email communications.

What’s next?

If you need advice, or would like help in rethinking your approach, get in touch!

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