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on May 11 2017

Do I need to update my website?

One year in the lifespan of your website equates to roughly five human years. That makes Facebook 12 years old in the digital world, but a whopping 60 in human years. Facebook is getting on, but has had a facelift almost every year since launch - helping it to remain as one of the most recognisable websites ever created.

Websites are often the first touchpoint for those looking to get a feel for a company before establishing contact or making a purchase. On the web, first impressions are everything and if your website looks dated or isn’t fit for purpose then your visitors are likely to leave and never return.

Why do websites age so quickly?

Rapid changes in technology, security and best practice for development, Improved browser performance and ever-changing search algorithms all contribute to the rate of decay.
It’s an astonishing fact that if you created your website in 2012 – it’s already 25 years old in technical terms!

Do I need to update my website?

If your website is over 3 years old then the answer is almost certainly YES!
To help you determine whether your website needs a new lick of paint, an audit for usability and accessibility or a complete overhaul we’ve compiled a handy ten-point checklist that you can download and use for free below.

Download the free PDF here: Do I Need To Update My Website?

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