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on Jul 18 2017

Branding Re-Branded

An evening of inspirational chat and a day sat on the other side of our ‘Dig’ process – we take a trip to Bristol for an evening with Michael Johnson of Johnson Banks to do just that.

A talk with the Johnson Banks founder took us through the highs and lows of the branding process in 5 steps, not forgetting step 2.5 – the space in the middle where we sit around trying to translate strategy into creative. We heard about some of the design guru’s best projects, some of which have pushed boundaries, and a few of his own personal targets, including raising £2 billion for Cambridge University. With over £800m already raised, the campaign seems to be working wonders to educate the next generation.

The workshop explored the process of brand and the balance between thinking and doing, something we believe in. A strong, well thought out brand enables you to engage with diverse audiences and ensures your message is clear, meaningful and delivered consistently. Effective branding can change customer perceptions and build long-term relationships. Bad branding, on the other hand, can mean being completely misunderstood, considered unsuitable or overlooked – something reiterated by examples of what some brands have achieved and where some have truly failed.


Working through a branding exercise allowed us to open a dialogue between our team and others in the industry about what works well and what doesn’t, identifying gaps in various markets and ways to build a brand around the gap including narrative, visuals and campaigns to promote it.

It was a great opportunity to turn the tables and approach this as a client – a very interesting experience!

A huge thank you to Michael for his energy and enthusiasm and giving our team the chance to meet fellow creatives at the beautiful studio.

Brand Process

We at Third Floor know how important developing and adopting the right branding can be. We also know it’s vital that all imagery should be formed around the true identity and individuality of the client. This is something that we take great pride in; getting to know our clients and understanding who they are, what they do and their unique message. We do this through our Dig process – it’s a key factor in why our branding is so successful.

If you’re looking to brand or re-brand why not get in touch and let us know who you are, what you do and how we can help you get your message across.

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