&SONS - The Case Study

08 April 2020

&SONS - The Case Study

How having a great branding agency can turn your business around in one year...

Create a Kickstarter campaign, raise £50k, launch a disruptive global men's fashion brand, engage, outperform competitors, quadruple turnover in less than 12 months…

And we're only just getting started.

Building the brand…

Every brand requires a logo, but to create a strong and visually engaging brand you need more assets. As well as &SONS recognisable logo and iconic ampersand, we have built up an asset library of their distinct colour palette, decorative illustrations, messaging and typography. These combined create a powerful visual for the brand and give it that authentic look throughout its physical and digital presence.

We use the founder’s signature throughout the &SONS brand to give a personal touch to everything we produce. This gives the consumer reassurance and adds value to the brand.

This creates our equity wheel...

We use all of the assets and styling from the &SONS equity wheel to create ongoing monthly campaigns and collateral.

Create a style…


We draw bespoke illustrations of each product which we use across design and digital work. These present the organic structure of the products and add depth to how we visualise the brand. They also build upon the authentic work-wear look &SONS achieves in both its products and its brand.


The photographic styling is created by &SONS founder, Phil James, who also owns a photography and production company. He does regular location shoots for &SONS with varying models, to represent how the &SONS range can be styled to different people.

Bring this together….

Email Marketing

We generate eight email marketing campaigns per month for &SONS. These vary in subject from product launches and restocks, to advertising campaigns and offers. These follow the brand style and feature &SONS products and pioneers.

Print Collateral

With &SONS having numerous stockists, there is often a requirement for POS and print advertising, as well as specially-designed leaflets and posters for trade shows. We also design all the labels, mailing bags and delivery packages for the brand.

Manual for life

One of the campaigns we have recently introduced to &SONS is the ‘Manual for life’. The focus of this campaign is for men to see the &SONS brand as a reliable source for guiding them on their fashion choices. The ‘Manual for life’ showcases the full &SONS range to potential stockists and consumers, to show them how easy it is to create outfits from the range.

And create a digital presence…

Shopify Website

We built and run the &SONS website on Shopify. We are able to regularly update the website with new products and track stock levels, making it practical and adaptable platform to run an e-commerce website on. Shopify has the ability to support a range of functionality options and additional capabilities, making it the perfect platform for growing online brands, like &SONS.

Check it out for yourselves...

Social Media

50% of &SONS sales come from Instagram. This is both through click throughs on posts and stories, and from Instagram advertising. We supply them regularly with social media content inline with the email marketing campaigns that are going out. &SONS are also promoted organically through their pioneers on Instagram who tag their garments, as well as thorough brand ambassadors, like Jack Savoretti.

Check out their Instagram for yourselves…

The result…

The facts and figures below compare &SONS sales and marketing from the year 2018 to 2019. These figures are still increasing month by month in 2020, due to the consistent and well-planned digital campaigns and advertising we do with &SONS.

284% increase in sales in a year

248% more visitors to the &SONS website

226% more orders in a year

20% increase in conversion rate

21% increase in average order value

10% increase in returning customers

Five times more sales leads from Instagram

Four times more sales through marketing

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