Escaping from the studio

27 September 2021

Escaping from the studio

We said goodbye to Zoom and had our first face-to-face team social in 18 months, heading out for an afternoon of fun.

We finally had a team social – hooray!

It was great to take a few hours off on a Friday afternoon and do something together outside of the studio.

First up, we headed to Escape Hunt, where we split into two teams and took on the all-new escape rooms. Our competitive spirit came out and war was declared as we dashed into the two rooms to take on the challenge. One team did Alice in Puzzleland, whilst the other battled Aladdin’s Cave.

For anyone near an Escape Hunt, we couldn’t recommend it enough. The rooms are so well thought out, following the theme to every last detail, and lots of fun, offering riddles, hidden clues and mental puzzles that lead to your escape. We’ll definitely be back to swap rooms and try to beat our previous times.

It was very close but Team Aladdin defeated Team Alice by just 2 minutes, neither team breaking any records in their break out time! Scroll to see the winning team...

Next, we headed to The Brewhouse for a much-earned drink and to compare our rooms and the challenges within, before going to Holee Cow for a mass feast of burgers, chips, and mac ’n’ cheese bites.

It was really nice to return to a face-to-face social after 18 months of Zoom quizzes and virtual drinks, and we’re already planning the next one… The Christmas Party!

Team selfie
The Third Floor girls
Dinner at Holee Cow