Introducing our new Account Executive: Kat

16 April 2021

Introducing our new Account Executive: Kat

We have grown – find out more about our new team member!

Kat has joined the team as Third Floor’s new Account Executive, after being made redundant at the beginning of 2021. We’re really excited to have Kat onboard as her previous role, of three years, focusing on employee engagement and internal communications so can’t wait to see what she brings to the team.

Tell us a bit about yourself Kat… 

Outside of work I live with my husband, son and two dogs. We mostly spend our weekends exploring somewhere nice – trying to wear the dogs out – or – if it’s raining – it’s snacks and watching movies on the couch. I am not originally from Cheltenham, I grew up in a little village in Leicestershire before heading to University in Southampton and studied Fashion Promotion and Communication. We moved to Cheltenham seven years ago when my husband got a graduate job here and we love it. However, the Midland’s accent creeps out now and again, so the office will have to get used to some funny words. 

Fun fact: I got married in Cuba four years ago and gave family and friends two weeks to decide if they could come. We didn’t want a big wedding so thought we could run away and do it and not tell anyone, but realised there would be some unhappy faces if we didn’t at least let them know!

How are you finding Third Floor?

From the moment I was interviewed virtually for the position, I immediately felt at ease – everyone has been so welcoming. I am very happy to be a part of the team and excited to be working in a creative environment.

The first day in any new role is always nerve-racking but starting a new job in a pandemic – well that’s something else. I was fortunate enough that a few of the team have returned to the studio so thankfully I have managed to escape my home environment and experience (after over a year) the normality of sitting at a desk and interacting with colleagues face-to-face.

When my alarm sounded on that first morning, I was feeling nervous but excited, as most people would feel on their first day in a new job. Thoughts that went through my mind: What should I wear? What time should I leave? What should I take for lunch? I wonder what the studio is like? Will I have to parallel park? I hope everyone is nice! I needed not to worry, Liv, our account manager, swung open the door, showed me to my desk and we headed to the kitchen for a socially distanced coffee.

What have your first few weeks been like?

Onboarding has been a breeze, everything was set up and ready, I was able to get stuck in right away. Being able to onboard in the studio has made building relationships with the team much easier, but I do not doubt, if I were to do it at home, they would be exactly the same. Everyone is socially distanced, regularly sanitising and we even test twice a week – so I feel safe in knowing we are all following government guidelines.

For those not in the office yet we keep in contact over Teamwork chat and Zoom calls, which makes working with and getting to know the wider team easier virtually. Regardless of whether I have met my colleagues over Zoom or face-to-face, there is such great energy and collaborative feel to the team.

During my time so far at Third Floor, I have been busy getting to know more about how we work and what we do. One thing that has struck me is how passionate they all are here, and how much dedication they have for their clients and the work they do. I have even been given my first a couple of clients to look after, which I’m really enjoying. I am also getting stuck into the Third Floor marketing plan and organising what the year ahead will look like – so keep your eyes peeled…

Welcome to the team Kat!