La Boulangerie – The Case Study

19 October 2021

La Boulangerie – The Case Study

How a great branding agency can turn your business into a success story

“At the beginning, I just wanted the best baguette of Paris to be made in Cheltenham. From there it all came naturally.”

When Raoul approached Third Floor he wanted to create an authentic French bakery in the heart of Cheltenham and decided to bring back traditional baking to the UK, where they can supply the businesses of Cheltenham with the best bread.

Three years later it is still the same traditional bakery, just with a much larger following and delicious sell-out goods. They pride themselves on their wide selection of pastries and sweet treats – from beautifully layered Pain Au Chocolate, to their irresistible Moulins and Babka, to their amazing selection of bread – there is something to tempt every taste bud.

A taste of Paris in Cheltenham

From the start, they wanted to go back to the way bread used to be made, by using traditional techniques mixed with the finest ingredients. These are sourced from a mill just outside of Paris and, through a lot of research and training, they realised that the process in which modern bread is made is, in fact, what causes many people to become bloated.

La Boulangerie in English translates to ‘The Bakery’. Here, baking is seen as a careful chemistry and an art form, with acute detail carved into their process and products, achieving specific crust and crumb textures. La Boulangerie are driving the artisan revolution.

There is a real passion behind the brand, for them bread is more than sustenance – it is a way of connecting with a centuries-old cultural French experience. The Boulangerie is a meeting place, a daily, early morning ritual where friendships are formed, memories are created and taste buds are sated. In France, bread must be made available for the people, according to a centuries-old law, and they heartily agree.

Since working with Raoul, he has managed to secure contracts with some of the most prestigious venues in Cheltenham as well as opening his own sell-out store. There are queues out the door most mornings for his renowned, freshly-baked Sourdough, and they have a great rapport with local companies, doing regular pop-ups with many.

Building the brand

Creating La Boulangerie was like no other we have done here at Third Floor. This was created through copious amounts of coffee and the odd beer. There was no set process for the creation, and we unconventionally didn’t go through our usual process. They walked into Third Floor and we just understood exactly who they were and what they wanted.

There was no brief on what they wanted for the brand or any direction on where it was to be taken, La Boulangerie was created by truly understanding Raoul and what he wanted to become. From here we created a modern brand identity with a traditional sensibility.

Bring it all together

We have worked with them on producing a number of touch-points including packaging, photography, stationary, signage and even uniforms.


We produced a range of artisanal bread packaging for La Boulangerie, focussed on their brand messaging in an impactful and characterful type face. We explored French words that reflected the brand ethos and passion behind the creation and chose packaging with a destructive look whilst keeping a traditional feel.


Our very own creative director, Gareth, produced the stunning product shots that feature on the website, inspired by Rembrandt. They really encapsulate the style of the old master paintings, further evoking the feeling of experiencing Paris in Cheltenham, and, most importantly, showing off the exquisite craft of the products.


The signage was inspired by the iconic Parisian Cafés, giving the bakery an recognisable look to the people of Cheltenham and beyond. Hand-drawn by local husband and wife sign writers, Woodenpins, the rustic typographic signage adds a depth to the brand and is carried through in their interior and pop-up signage too.

Going digital

Most recently we have produced a Shopify website for La Boulangerie, to showcase all the bakery has to offer. With the volume of interest, the brand has generated, starting a shop online felt like the most natural progression to further grow their business.

La Boulangerie opened their doors over three years ago now and currently have over 6,000 followers on Instagram, and are well known and loved within the Cheltenham community. They have continued to grow from strength to strength and we cannot wait to see what else is to come for this amazing independent business.