Start-up Businesses

31 August 2021

Start-up Businesses

A lot of clients that come through our door are entrepreneurs who are in the process of starting their own business. This is where we can help...

At Third Floor, we have a lot of the clients that come through our doors that are entrepreneurs who are in the process of starting their business journey. This may be their first venture or a new avenue they are exploring.

We are here to help you through the complex process of creating a brand and guide you to curating a well-considered and strong brand identity.

We like to really understand you and what it is you do, and we are not just talking a quick chat about what your business idea is. We would recommend that you go through our Dig process. It’s in this workshop where we really delve deep into the brand, the reasoning behind its creation and who your target market is. You can read more about our Dig process here.

We like to work with you and not just be the yes man. We make suggestions and always have a reasoning behind them. We understand this journey is not a simple one and one you may not have entered before. Along with our design expertise, we help you make decisions and work very closely with you along your journey.

Having good design foundations really matter when it comes to setting up a business. They are what your consumer first sees, first reads into and then first buys into. Sometimes, if you are just an online shop, the product will be one of the last things the customer sees. More than captivating your audiences, branding can also make them want to grab your products right away.

The tone of your branding reflects your brand's image and communicates a similar message to your audience. It can evoke emotions that your brand wants to convey to its audience and you want to boost the memorability of your brand.

Following on from our Dig, we get to work on developing your brand. We want to make sure that your brand is not just another ‘me too’ in your market. It is at our develop stage where we bring your identity to life and our highly skilled design team submerge themselves in your brand and make that happen. We don’t see branding as just what something looks like, it's about building an understanding of your brands offering.

We are able to create deliverables to suit your brand. We have a dedicated design team and a team of client services to help you achieve your goal. We inject personality into your brand and we engage in long-term partnerships. You can read more about our design process and offerings here.

But we aren’t just all talk, we can show you some of the brands we have worked with from a business idea to an operating business.

First up, we have &SONS. We have worked with &SONS since 2016 and through this time we have helped evolve the brand. Their business started with the kickstarter scheme and now boasts an impressive following and have grown their company from strength to strength. From selling online to just opening their first &SONS concept store is a real success story.

With &SONS we created their recognisable logo and alongside this built up an asset library of their distinct colour palette, product brands, decorative illustrations, packaging, print collateral, messaging and typography, they create a powerful visual for the brand. You can read our full &SONS case study here.

Next we have we have Pebble and Loop. We may talk about them a fair bit but when you have created something this beautiful, would you not too?

They are a start-up business that offers handmade jewellery. An independent and design-led business, the identity we wanted to create needed to feel delicate and personal. Their offering was affordable in comparison to competitors but we wanted to convey them as premium, with muted tones and soft angles it makes the brand feel approachable and inviting to their audience.

As a final start-up example, we have EKA Project. We went through our Dig process with Annabel, the founder, to get to the soul of the brand. EKA are a brand on a mission and we love that, with a beautiful story to tell and a disruptive purpose that is bringing better quality products to the UK spice market. They set out to reduce the chain between the farmers and customers, resulting in a larger income for farmers. Therefore, providing a quicker and more cost-effective way of selling spices and being recognised as an ethical spice brand.

The name ‘EKA’ is Sanskrit (the native language of the region) for singular, as the spices are from a single source and direct to your kitchen with nothing in between, with ‘Project’ being added to convey Annabel’s mission to support the farms the spices are sourced from. We developed an authentic brand full of assets relevant to India, bespoke labels and packaging, and a Shopify site for Annabel to sell the products from.


We love to help start-up businesses and have so much to offer you, when we work with a business we work with the budget you have. We can work in stages or we can dive right in, get in touch with us and see how we can help you bring your idea from paper to the real deal.

If you’d be interested in hearing more about our process and branding services, please give us a call today on 01242 512629.