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Your brand is your company’s promise; it’s what you stand for, what you believe in and what your customers say about you when you leave the room.

A strong, considered brand enables you to engage with diverse audiences on different levels and ensures your message is clear, meaningful and consistently delivered. Managed well, it can change customer perception and build long-term relationships.

At Third Floor, your brand is our starting point. Whether we’re creating a brochure, developing a website or building a complete communications package, we always lead with the brand.

We take the time to immerse ourselves in your company and really get to know you through our dig, develop and deliver process. We strive to be guardians of your brand and a natural extension of your business . Think of us as your partner agency.

Over the past 10 years we have delivered 100s of successful brands across the world, helping companies exceed their plans for growth. Who’s next?

Our services

Brand audits

We objectively review your brand’s impact within your industry, provide feedback on your business performance and suggest improvements & opportunities for development.

Brand strategy workshops & blueprints

Our brand workshops help us understand what you offer, and what makes you unique. We ask our dig questions first hand as sometimes the smallest comment can trigger a lightbulb brand moment.

Brand & product naming

A product or brand name should be unique, memorable, ideally short and have staying power. We have a tried and tested process to ensure that the naming result is something that can be used within your industry.

Brand tone of voice & copywriting

During the branding process we create your brand’s personality and develop a distinctive tone of voice. Suggested messaging and vocabulary will set the tone for future communications.


We work alongside trade mark lawyers throughout the brand development process to ensure the final word/trade mark is registered with you to protect your product or service within your industry.

Brand identity

In developing a brand identity we consider the promise it needs to deliver to customers, the evolution or revolution it needs to go through, and the assets, fonts and deliverables it needs to grace.

Brand guidelines and guardianship

We consider ourselves custodians of the brands we create and love to watch how they develop and grow. We compile brand guidelines to provide an overview of your brand’s vision, personality and key values.

Meet the brand team

James Cowdale

Founder & Creative Director

James launched Third Floor nearly 10 years ago and has seen it go through it’s own launch, grow and change process. He now focuses on brand consultancy and handles all aspects of the discipline. James works closely with the design and development team to ensure every piece of creative has the Third Floor seal of approval.

James recently launched fashion brand, &SONS, with friend and colleague Phil James.

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