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A brand is much more than a logo – it is your purpose, the way you talk about yourself, how you are perceived and your visual communications.

One of the simplest yet most influential assets of any business is their brand. A well-considered brand strategy can influence consumers, change perceptions and add significant value to a business. A strong brand identity can support this strategy becoming a recognition point for consumers to engage and connect with you. 

A brand should be formed from a set of values and a clear vision coupled with a purpose and reason to exist, and this is what we aim to uncover before we can bring it to life visually. Brands that carry these strong characteristics can engage with customers on a level beyond product and service and, in today’s world, consumers demand more. 

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Brand Audit

We objectively review your brand’s impact within your industry, provide feedback on your business performance and suggest improvements & opportunities for development.

Brand Identity

In developing a brand identity and logo design we value the promise it needs to deliver to customers. 

We consider and develop brand assets, fonts and imagery to explore the wider visual identity of the brand. Over the years, brands will evolve to adapt to the market and audience needs, so we are here to develop and rebrand when the time comes.

Brand and Product Naming

Thinking of the name is often the hardest part, which is why we are here to help. We create a product or brand name that is unique, memorable, ideally short and powerful, which we do due diligence on and test in focus groups.

Brand Strategy Workshop and Report

Our brand workshops help us understand what you offer, and what makes you unique. We ask our Dig questions first hand as sometimes the smallest comment can trigger a lightbulb brand moment.

Tone of Voice, Messaging and Copywriting

During the branding process we create your brand's personality and develop a distinctive tone of voice. We suggested messaging and glossary of vocabulary to use across brand communications. We can also construct content for both physical and digital design deliverables, if required.

Brand Guidelines and Guardianship

We consider ourselves the guardians of the brands we create and love to watch how they develop and grow. We create brand guidelines to provide an overview of your brand’s vision, personality and key values, which become the rule book for use and application of the brand.