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Logo Design

Creating a visual identity for each company.

Every day people see thousands of logos and brands in their homes, walking down the street, at work, or when socializing. A logo could be as basic as a wordmark that simply informs people of the name of your company, or it could come in multiple formats to adapt to collateral, packaging, icons, and more.

To us, a logo is only the start of a brand, there is so much more to it that creates your identity and therefore builds trust and recognition in your brand. This all has to come from an understanding of your offering, audience and market so that it is cohesive with your values and relates to those engaging with you.

VoCoVo Logo Design
La Boulangerie Logo Design

Logo Design vs...

Logo design is the symbol for each companies brand. It can help to incapsulate the brands personality, USP and offering. Some logos such as Silverback use a bolder, more impactful typographic appearance which can help them appear strong amongst their competitors; alternatively logos such as Pebble & Loop accentuate the delicate aspect of their offering.


Branding is the essence of each companies personality. A combination of the brands colour palette, imagery/illustration, typography and texture make up the visual identity of the brand; and these assets are implemented to help the brand communicate to their audience, whilst also conveying emotions. An example of this is where Holm uses systematic illustrations and grid like layouts to appear machinery focused.