Branding in London

Creating a brand in a crowded market

When designing a brand for any market you have to consider your audience. Sometimes you have to even adapt your brand to reach a new audience or market that you wish to do well in. This can apply when working internationally to adapt to cultures and design norms within the international markets, or even down to a new city.

Design is so highly regarded without the consumer even realising. This can particularly be true in cities, like London, where the cost of living and what people are putting their money towards needs to look nice, as well as serve a purpose. Graphic design can influence a consumer's decision in a matter of seconds, so it's important you understand what your audience are looking for and react accordingly.

We have worked with London-based clients within many sectors, from food and drink to education, fashion retail to law, and there is one common expectation that every project requires – quality. Design has the power to increase the perceived quality and value of something, even if you aren't selling a physical product. It makes people engage with the brand if they feel this suits their own values and requirements, but also feels experienced or something they'd be proud to show their friends.

Find out how branding and graphic design in London has made a positive impact on the development of our client's businesses...

Thomas Legal London Mockup
O' Be Joyful Branding and Packaging

Thomas Legal London

After successfully launching Thomas Legal in Cheltenham, the firm decided they needed to adapt their offering for the capital. This lead us to create a much more striking and sophisticated identity for this specific area.

O' Be Joyful

Specifically launching their cafes in London meant entering a highly competitive and saturated market. The rise of the Instagram lifestyle means everything needs to have strong aesthetic to gain any kind of traction both online and in conversation.


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