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Fashion Brand Design

In a world of textile design, unique styles and growing trends, design for fashion brands have never been so influential in online shopping.

From a quirky tone of voice to a bold photography style, the way different fashions brands communicate with their customers can help create interest in specific products and drive to purchase new products. Creating a community of customers forms a brand world of like minded individuals, helping grow brand recognition and a feeling of unity within a group.

Two of examples of fashion brands we have worked with are Eskadi and K-Boy. Eskadi focused on conscientious fashion, providing a platform to supply second clothing and accessories to shops. The vibrant use of imagery and colour helped highlight the adventurous aspect of the branding. On the other hand, K-Boy looked at bringing a new style of design to the younger audience. The graphics used on the products to the typography on their website are disruptive, creating a more experimental looking style.


It's time for nearly new that's really you! Eskadi came to us with a great idea, a one-stop-shop for purchasing fashion from several marketplaces, all in one feed. Eskadi are the ultimate pre-owned luxury boutique.

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K-boy is an influential fashion brand centred around Krystian’s personal values and interests. It is a brand that champions freedom and encourages stepping out of the shadows. K-boy is a brand that is ready to take on the world!

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