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Our process


Before we put pen to paper, we need to get to know you; what you stand for, what you offer and what makes you unique. To do this, we must dig!

Our dig sessions vary from project to project and are tailored to your business. We’ve developed the format over many years and it consists of a number of exercises that help us get under the surface of your business and hear the information first hand.

We break through the marketing talk, ask you (and sometimes your clients) a lot of questions, make a lot of notes and then report back with our findings and market analysis.


This is where we get creative! Armed with insight from the Dig or an agreed brief, we start the development process.

The team spend time talking through ideas, deciding on a direction and begin working up designs. This could be initial web concepts, brand identity ideas or page layouts for a new brochure.

We aim to produce designs that are unique, forward thinking and representative of you and your business. Once we’re happy (and we can be a fussy bunch) we present these ideas for feedback. We want to work with our clients and for them to be part of the creative process.


Whether we deliver a complex brand strategy, develop a website or design a promotional flyer, we do it with care! We ensure timelines are met, budgets are considered and the quality is nothing but 100%.

We work closely as a team and, where projects encompass brand, design and digital elements, we seamlessly carry the project through from one stage to the next.

Armed with a clear proposition, a new visual voice and a set of kick ass deliverables you can begin to tell the world about your brand.

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