Active Gloucestershire - Getting a county active

Active Gloucestershire

Helping a not-for-profit to drive change

Two thirds of people in Gloucestershire are inactive, so Active Gloucestershire wanted to provide a resource for those people who find it difficult to exercise everyday. Their main goal is to drive a positive change.

They are committed to getting people moving, so we needed to create a brand that encourages this and represents the great work the charity is doing through their services and campaign work.

Active Gloucestershire Logo
Active Gloucestershire Information Pack
Active Gloucestershire Roller Banner

Their values

Collaboration – network, create partnerships and work together

Innovation – build on what works and look for new ideas

Sustainability – do things for the long term

They achieve these values through inspiring, connecting and enabling people in the Gloucestershire area, so we created an identity that supports them in doing so. and could be applied across online and offline collateral.