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Ark, a pioneering organisation that brought the groundbreaking Maths Mastery to schools across the UK, approached Third Floor to help them consolidate some their courses under an offering that was accessible and easy to understand. Having led the way in modern teaching, Ark had introduced other subjects to its growing portfolio but along the way, this has become disjointed. Although every curriculum was created to the same standard, how they were delivered and more importantly the needs of those using it differed.

It was time to harness the power of the collective, the sum of the parts was without a doubt, greater than the whole. It was clear from the multiple workshops and stakeholder research we carried out that the power came from the organisation and how they supported schools at every level with world-class curriculums and unparalleled support.

Although the curriculum is important, the education landscape is always changing so the brand had to be future-proof and show value in other areas. Through our research, it was evident that to make serious change across the UK education system, we had to be a platform for teachers and users. Our role was to support them to be the best they can be and help them to developer long into their teaching career. This would provide a much longer life-span for the curriculums and create advocates in every school.

These advocates had their own need states, their own challenges and in many ways, their own way of working. So instead of using the usual cliche demographics and trying to shoe-horn a collective of individual people into one mould, we looked at Value Mode Indicators as a way of categorising. Understanding these need states would be vital in how we communicate our brand and focussing in on certain archetypes would provide us with greater success in the short and long-term.

Through extensive stakeholder interviews, workshops and discussions with policymakers, teachers and students we established that Ark was misunderstood and poorly communicated. The value of a multi-curriculum, delivered through partner schools whilst heavily investing in the wider education system was not clear in their existing brand. 

Every subject was faced with its own challenges and this led to inconsistencies in how they communicated. It was time to unify the subjects and the organisation, simplify the message and amplify the brand. 

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With a clearer understanding of Ark we restructured the brand architecture and introduced an overarching parent brand - Ark Curriculum Plus. 

One brand to signify a very clear message - To deliver world-class education to every child, no matter their background or ability. The brand would also act as a beacon for teachers and education professionals helping them to be the best they can be and supporting them at every level. 

In order to create consistency across every touchpoint, we rebranded the subjects to work alongside the parent brand. We introduced a shared DNA in logo marks, colour palettes and iconography. This allowed every subject to stand alone but always be supported and endorsed by the parent brand.