ArkStart - So much more than childcare


Developing a brand for a pioneering group of nurseries

Following the success of our work with Ark Curriculum Plus through our in-depth understanding of the brand, we were also introduced into Ark to produce the brand for their nursery offering, ArkStart.

ArkStart has been set up as a place for children to grow and reach their potential. Their nurseries give children the best start in life, providing them with the confidence to aim high and keep learning as they move into a school environment.

As a challenger brand, the core of ArkStart is story-telling, authenticity and purpose.

ArkStark Brand Identity
ArkStart Characters
ArkStart Stationary

The Dig

ArkStart is a pilot programme, drawing on our early-years experience and currently working in partnership with three Ark schools, to set up flexible, affordable nurseries. Their vision is to create nurturing environments that emphasise joy, creativity, play and independence, led by qualified teachers and highly-trained staff.

When trying to summarise what they do, it isn't simply to run a nursery, what they provide is an education for the 0 to 5-year-old age group. They offer "So much more than childcare" and pride themselves in excellent care and education for their children and even their families. With social justice being a key value of Ark, the support ArkStart will provide families and communities became the brand purpose.

During the Dig, we also explored brand architecture and creative direction for the brand. Taking influence from the likes of Youtube Kids, we wanted to create an endorsed brand that would align to Ark's parent brand. This gives the brand authenticity through Ark's credible and well-known name in the education industry.

The final element to master was the story-telling, and what better way to do so than bringing the four principles to life with animal characters. 

  • Aim High - Giraffe
  • Be Kind - Penguin
  • Be Brave - Lion
  • Keep Learning - Dolphin

As with any brand, the look and feel empathise with the audience's emotional benefits. For ArkStart the key ones were being in control, feeling respected, feeling safe and having a sense of belonging.