Atenta - Begin the Evolution


Simplifying your journey to the cloud

Atenta provides a staged-approach to becoming ‘cloud based’. This negates the need for expensive consultants and stops clients feeling overwhelmed by the task in hand. The service they provide is quick and therefore a cheaper solution to consultants and ‘experts’'. They get a first look at the overall tech landscape of a company and report this back in before drilling down into the details.

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The Dig

Within the DIG, we looked to find out more about Atenta and their client offering. They first and foremost wanted to be seen as a technology brand that was simple, easy to use, and identifiable. Looking at large, recognisable brands such as Google and Apple, we decided that a selection of symbols would be useful as brand assets as they could be used in communication and digital navigation.

Simplifying your journey to the cloud. Begin the evolution.