Bubbll - An evening dip or summer splash


A bright brand evolution for the #1 choice for hot tub hire

Situated in Surrey, Bubbll is the #1 choice for hot tub hire, set up by two friend: Leo and Luca. During an increased interest in hot tubs, there began to be a shortage of them to purchase; so the pair bought their first hot tub online and started by hiring it out to friends and family. Very quickly they received large amounts of interest in their venture, leading them to invest 100% of their time to their new business.

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Although they had successfully grown their business Surrey Bubbles since 2020, the two friends knew it was time to evolve and branch out of their current radius. With the visual identity, we looked at producing a bright and bold visual appearance that accentuated the liveliness and entertaining aspect of having a hot tub. Perfect for an evening dip or summer splashes!