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Creating an identity for the Museum of Gloucester

The Museum of Gloucester and Gloucester Folk Museum approached us needing repositioning, a brand re-structure, along with an identity for each Museum. They needed to increase awareness and define the market position for both a new and the existing audience.

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The Dig

Within our dig stage of the brand development, we realised that Individually each Museum have their own target audience but as a collective they have a wider appeal. Our approach was to create an under-arching brand, City Museums. This would house the Museums as a collection, allowing them to either collaborate or stand alone as individual brands. This creates the larger appeal to a greater audience. Each Museum needed to be more descriptive of the specific offering - this meant renaming both.

This is when Museum of Gloucester and Gloucester Life Museum were created.

Optimising a bright and bold colour palette we produced a punchy identity for each and their sub-brands. Each Museum has a sub brand, which carries the main brand’s palette and assets - The City Gallery within Gloucester Museum, and The Ed Shed at the Gloucester Life Museum.