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Daymans DIY

Family owned and run business in the heart of Leicester

Founded in 1928, Daymans DIY is a family run DIY shop located in the heart of Leicester. With it originally called W E Dayman & Sons (William Edward Dayman & Sons), there was a strong sense of history and heritage which we wanted to keep within the core brand. The top priority for the staff at Daymans DIY was providing a personal and friendly service to their customers, but also their internal team.

Daymans Logo
Daymans Business Cards
Daymans Brouchure

Their strapline, ‘Don’t do it yourself, do it with Daymans’, encourages customers to approach the Daymans staff for both products and advice.

After further exploration, we were able to identify the three key values for Daymans: quality craftsmanship, excellent customer focus and providing an easy service.