DeepGreen - Better Metals


Changing the future of sourcing metals

DeepGreen extract minerals from nodules found at the bottom of the ocean. The minerals found in these nodules are four key metals used in electric car batteries. Their process is revolutionary, vastly reducing the impact sourcing metals has on the environment.

We have worked with them to articulate their vision of a zero-carbon, circular economy through infographics and campaign rollout, by focussing on the impact and benefits of their complex process.

DeepGreen Better Ways Campaign
DeepGreen Better Ways Campaign
DeepGreen Metal Sourcing Infographic

Changing the way our world mines metals is a big task and to some, can feel overwhelming. The highly technical and complex approach that Deep Green takes needs to be simplified and made more digestible for the consumer. To do this, we have to understand what is important to them and demonstrate very quickly how revolutionary this is.

We spent time working through the white papers and studies and summarised the key points Deep Green want to make. We then introduced impactful visuals that allowed readers to clearly see the extent of traditional mining and how Deep Green plan to extensively reduce the impact.

The creative campaigns have been rolled out across all media channels and we are now in the process of creating a micro-site that documents the project development.