Deserving Ceremony - Unforgettable farewells

Deserving Ceremony

Because extraordinary people, deserve an unforgettable farewell

Deserving Ceremony are there to support, advise and help with curating a ceremony that celebrates the life of loved ones. They listen to their clients to understand the story of their lost loved one so that they can plan their final farewells. Deserving Ceremony believe that every person is unique and deserve a ceremony that encapsulates their lives. This is why they are passionate about providing a chance for friends and families to come together and tell stories, share experiences and remember the people that changed their lives.

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The Dig

When we began to uncover Deserving Ceremony's brand principles during the DIG, we had to consider their audience. At these very painful times, decisions are even more difficult, so although Deserving Ceremony have a strong purpose, they needed to understand their clients' needs. We realised that Deserving Ceremony wanted to incorporate the following emotional benefits: the sense of accomplishment, feeling respected, and feeling unique. It was also clear that we needed to change the way that the world saw death, and in doing so wanted to create unforgettable farewells for extraordinary people.

Since funerals are usually depicted as dark and sad, we wanted to turn this concept on around and help give people the chance to create bespoke funerals that are both relevant and extraordinary for their lost loved one. So our mission was to create a brand that highlighted the moments in each individual's life - to capture their memories and build them up to tell a story.