DoorCo - GRiPCORE Hybrid Technology


A new technology to create 'The Next Generation of Door'

DOORCO are recognised for producing high-quality products and being innovative within the composite door industry. In order to saturate their market, DOORCO have created a new technology that allows each door across their product range to be upgraded.

The new technology consists of a GRP skin, opposed to the usual PVC/thermoplastic skins. The new technology is pressed onto the door which has a number of benefits to the end-user.

GRiPCORE Business Cards
GRiPCORE Social Media

Establishing a proposition fit for consumer and installer

DOORCO are launching the ‘Next Generation of Door’ with the very best of the old (timber core) and the very latest in new (GRP Skin). Their product is a hybrid – a word already known to audiences for suggesting that something is genuinely new and innovative.

Glass Reinforced Polyester (GRP) + Innovation + Timber Core = GRiPCORE

We took inspiration from manufacturing and technology giants, like Dyson, Audi and Intel, when directing the look and feel for the brand. Our focus was on creating relevant assets that add credibility to the brand, supported by state of the art CGI imagery.

The technology DOORCO have created is something they can proudly take ownership of, so we created a stamp, with the fibres of the skin, that they can quality assure products with. The heavy use of black gives the brand a high-tech and sophisticated feel, much like Apple uses, but with the impactful yellow to offer contrast and energy. The overall look of the brand portrays the intelligent product development and premium finish that DOORCO achieve with their GRiPCORE technology.