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Changing the perception of cider

Dunkertons have pioneered organic cider making for over 30 years and in that time have created a range of premium ciders and perrys. It was now time for the brand and packaging to reflect the liquid inside. And in a market filled with mediocrity and mass consumption, we had to do something different. In many ways, rip up the rule book and create a new one. 

Since their launch over 30 years ago, the Dunkertons family have focussed on creating the best tasting, organic drinks. Their motivation was not driven by trends or what the others were offering but in order to remain unique, we had to show them a glimpse of their world. The extensive research we carried out suggested that Cider was in fact under-valued and misunderstood. Consumers were not aware that making cider is closer to wine making than brewing and this had to change. It was time to tell the story of the unique apples used in every variant and the flavours this created. Much line wine, we talked of tasting notes, smells and how to pair them with foods.

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The Dig

Working alongside the team at Dunkertons we delved into the process of cider making to truly understand what made each of them unique. Working with the Julian and his team was a new experience for us all. The workshops consisted of discussions around textures, colours and how every bottle should tell a story. This was not about creating a line up of 'me too' bottles – like an army of cider soldiers. They didn't want convention, consistency or complacency. What Dunkertons wanted was for every bottle to appear unique... bubbling with character and intrigue and for every single one to stand out. 

We created a ‘style’ for each of the ciders including textures, colourways and a unique ‘D’ on every pack. Like the artisanal approach to cider making every label was hand drawn from scratch by our designers before working with the label printers on stock and print finishes.

The end result is a stunning range of labels, each with their own personality and style.