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EKA Project

EKA Project is challenging the spice market with their 'morganic' approach

EKA Project is a brand on a mission. And we love that!

They are a 'lighthouse brand' through and through. Driven by purpose, genuine in nature and engaging in narrative. EKA is the perfect lighthouse brand, with a beautiful story to tell and a disruptive purpose that is bringing better quality products to the UK spice market.

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The Dig

When creating the brand for EKA Project, we focussed the Dig on finding the soul of the brand. Growing up visiting her Godmother’s farm in the Kerala region of Southern India, Annabel, the founder of EKA Project, has a personal connection with the industry and a passion to see her Godmother’s beautiful spices showcased fairly to the UK market. 

EKA Project are providing a quicker and more cost-effective way of selling spices. They reduce the chain between farmers and customers, resulting in a larger income for farmers and being recognised as an ethical spice brand. In doing this, it means that the process is quicker which makes her spices fresher and more flavoursome than competitors.

Although spice brands can claim they are organic, there are often harmful pesticides still reducing the quality of these. EKA Project’s products are more organic, which is why we coined the word ‘morganic’ – no chemicals, no harm, no compromise. The spices are hand-picked in small yield from a community of farmers and growers in Kerala, so we wanted to convey this rich heritage within the brand.

The name ‘EKA’ is Sanskrit (the native language of the region) for singular, as the spices are from a single source and direct to your kitchen with nothing in between, with ‘Project’ being added to convey Annabel’s mission to support the farms the spices are sourced from. We developed an authentic brand full of assets relevant to India, bespoke labels and packaging, and a Shopify site for Annabel to sell the products from.