Eskadi - The worlds largest pre-owned luxury boutique


Circular fashion has a new home with Eskadi 'Explorer's of the 'not so' new world'.

It's time for nearly new that's really you! 

Eskadi came to us with a great idea, a one-stop-shop for purchasing fashion from several marketplaces, all in one feed. Eskadi are the ultimate pre-owned luxury boutique. 

With a great concept but no name or brand we worked with the team to find a style that worked for an energetic digital start-up. Our name is derived from the Norse Goddess, Skadi –  an avid huntress that lives in the highest reaches of the mountains, where the snow never melts. 

We developed a visual identity, brand strategy and positioning with energy and simplicity at its heart. Bold colours and playful messaging combine to help convey a dynamic mission, to help people to stop scrolling and start finding!

With circular fashion becoming ever more important in a more sustainable future our strapline is a call to action for us all to become 'Explorer's of the 'not so' new world'.