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GKA are the go-to for challenging recruitment projects where the clients need minimal pain points, a fast turnaround and guarantee that the job will be delivered. Clients need to hear this. They need to see what GKA can achieve and their willingness to support them on a larger project. They are not competition, they are part of the process – a partner or extension of their brand.

With 27 years of doing this, they are best placed to deliver this service over anyone else. They have extensive contacts, strong relationships and the ability to easily assess the feasibility of a study. With this wealth of knowledge, they should be the only choice for any medical market research company and it’s the only reason they use us.

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The Dig

Before the workshop with GKA, we firstly performed stakeholder interviews with existing clients, as well as internal stakeholder interviews. We wanted to hear directly from individuals, with the advantage of us being an outsider's ear, their experiences and thoughts on GKA from an internal and external point of view – their offering, service, delivery... The conversations we had were very insightful in drawing out both positive and negative perspectives on GKA from both internal and external, of which we compared and discussed during the workshop.

At the start of any Dig workshop, we always like to find out what the client would like to get out of the process. With GKA, their key goal was around understanding this perception gap between their internal views of their service and that of their clients, then to bridge and future-proof this gap through redefining their messaging, positioning and purpose. GKA are very aware of the market and what is going on around them, so wanted to establish what makes them different and ensure this comes across to current and prospective clients. We needed to simplify, unify and amplify their brand.

What became clear was that they exist to support others and be the reactive company that their client needs for challenging projects that require them to find the unfindable. GKA's team have a passion and uncompromising desire to always provide the very best in service at every level – this is their purpose and reason to exist.

From all of this, we built them a new set of values that they can really stand by:

Collaborative: We are partners - we cannot function in isolation
 Sensitive, empathetic, understanding & supportive
 We don’t over-promise, we are realistic
 Working to advance medical science
 We go above and beyond, always!

As with any company, GKA also has future ambitions, so the Dig workshop helped them to explore these and how they can be achieved. It really is the prime time for GKA to own their brand and lead the industry in best practice, client services and the latest innovations. Our role was to create them an identity that allowed them to own their position in the market and push this further in years to come...