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Golden Era Aged Guitars

Creating a brand dripping in nostalgia and authenticity

First launched in 2016 as SC Relics, Scott came to Third Floor in need of change. He had spent five years honing his skills as an artisan guitar finisher, creating immaculate recreations of instruments from the 'golden era' of early solid body electric guitar building and now needed a brand that reflected the quality and standard of the work he was producing.

With a new name, Golden Era Aged Guitars, we created a brand dripping in nostalgia and authenticity, with every touch-point having a 'hand-crafted' elegance that aligns to his offering, recreating beautifully crafted tributes to vintage guitars.

A simple e-commerce platform allows Golden Era to easily sell products as soon as they are created, including branding irons and certificates of authenticity, helping to add depth to the identity.