Using packaging design to increase efficiency

Our task was to create a brand that stands out from competitors through its user-centred design. The observation we made during our research, and in feedback from manufacturing workers, was that finding the filter you need from the vast selection slowed down their work speed.

The audience is engineers operating in workshops and changing many filters on many different machines every day. Selecting the right product for the right usage and model of vehicle is not an easy task, so how do we make it easier?

Answer: We create a design system that makes identifying filters for a specific use more efficient.

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The Dig

The aims of the Dig with Holm were:

• To create a clear brand story

• To understand how we can build consumer confidence in our brand

• To explore the gap in the market and why they exist

• Brand alignment to their core business

Holm want to become known for delivering high-end filters to multiple industries and simplifying the decision and installation process, so we delivered them a brand that makes this dream possible. The clear, consistent packaging system identifies the usage of the filter (eg. oil, water, air) and the model number through colour and typography.

We designed Holm around their values of being trustworthy, agile and knowledgable. We gave it a tone that was informative but engaging: Holm is where the part is.