HPS - Change the pace


Revolutionising the e-bike industry with the lightest e-bike in the world

Change perceptions, change the industry and change the pace of cycling. Forever.

HPS Photoshoot with Phil Deignan
HPS x Camellini Bike
HPS Branded Bottles

HPS wanted to engage with manufacturers and consumers, knowing that the perception of road e-bikes was negative. We needed to elevate them above the noise of the ‘me too’ below-standard offering that is currently available. 

This was achieved through branding and narrative; the language of domestiques and watts and the beauty of the bike. We changed the narrative of the industry, focusing on the glory and passion of the world's toughest sport.

Due to the complexity of the technology and current perception of e-bikes we knew this would be a difficult brand to distill down and simplify. The Dig workshop included founders, investors and engineers all of whom had a very different approach to how we could achieve this. But through insight from our research, we showed them their world from the customer's point of view. Discerning riders who took pride in pushing the boundaries of their sport and not willing to compromise at any level. 

We needed to speak their language, understand their needs and communicate this back to them. We removed 'E' from their glossary and introduced Watt Assist. We likened this to the job of the unsung hero – The Domestique. Supporting elite cyclist as they take on the toughest climbs. After all, if they can have a little help on the mountain... then every cyclist can. Welcome to the future of cycling.