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The purpose of the Infosec brand is show the balance between client and candidate. They have access to highly qualified candidates and are well connected within the cyber security industry, so their brand needed to represent credible selection process they go through in their field of work.

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The Dig

Through our insightful dig session, we aimed to find out how Infosec stand out – and why? We determined that Infosec has two distinct audience types - client and candidate – that together are the strongest influencers on your core values.

By determining the core values of the company, we further defined how closely aligned they are to the core values of the industry. Confidentiality, integrity, and availability are values at the heart of information security.

Infosec's brand image needed to visually reflect their values and how they differ. They needed a wordmark that resonates for information security as an industry, but simultaneously (and cleverly) nods to the idea of finding the right person. Therefore, we used symbolism to create an identity that tells the story of how Infosec firstly handles information and secondly distills the vast candidates and job roles down to the right one for you.

This is supported by imagery that strikes the perfect balance between cutting edge and down-to-earth.