K-b0y - Dig deep


Behind every good brand is an ambitious creator

K-boy is an influential fashion brand centred around Krystian’s personal values and interests. It is a brand that champions freedom and encourages stepping out of the shadows. K-boy is a brand that is ready to take on the world, much like the brand’s before it, such as Nike and Patagonia. The slogan ‘Dig Deep’ embeds the concept of positive mental health, which Krystian strongly supports. K-boy will have presence in the fashion industry for being a brand the accepts you for you.

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The Dig

The brand centres around Krystian (kboy_) and his life, his values as a person and his interests. This is what we need to brand.

Personal brands are built for five key purposes:

  • Developing a platform
  • Focussing on your own strengths and values
  • Becoming an authority
  • Setting your priorities
  • Being yourself

K-b0y is a brand that champions freedom. To make choices. To explore. To be happy. To be sad. To do what you want. To ignore advice. To take advice. To make mistakes.

The promise is to give Krystian's generation the freedom to make their own decisions. A chance to see what the world has to offer and express themselves however they want.

So, dig deep, step out the shadows and take your own.