La Boulangerie - French artisan bakery

La Boulangerie

A traditional brand for a traditional French bakery

Create a distinct and memorable identity for a traditional French bakery that aligned with the founders creativity and ethos for baking.

Ralph and Raoul approached Third Floor with a vision - To launch a traditional French bakery and sell to the restaurants and cafes of Cheltenham. We got to know the guys over lots of coffees (and the occasional beer) and realised very quickly that this brand needed to reflect their ethos and outlook on life. Our informal meetings allowed us to begin painting a picture of the brand inspired by traditional imagery and paintings along with shop signage from the iconic Parisian cafes. We have worked with them on producing a number of touchpoints including packaging, stationery, signage and even uniforms.

La Boulangerie brand identity
La Boulangerie Van
La Boulangerie bread image

Their Story 

Ralph and Raoul, two of the coolest guys we’ve had through the studio, had decided to bring back traditional baking to the UK. They have gone back to the way bread used to be made using traditional techniques mixed with the finest ingredients sourced from a mill just outside of Paris. Through their research and training they realised that the process in which modern bread is made is in fact what causes many people to become bloated. By using traditional techniques and allowing the bread to ferment over time, it not only tastes amazing but also avoids the discomfort we get from the mass produced products. Ralph and Raoul have already secured contracts with some of Cheltenham’s prestigious restaurants and hope to begin selling direct to the public.