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Neptune Rum

Create a challenger brand to take on the Spirit market

Our role as the agency was to build a visual voice around the story of Neptune and the provenance around how the rum is made. The Dig allowed us to understand the Rum market and position Neptune as a premium brand aimed at consumers looking to discover new flavours and move away from other spirits. We began by working up an identity and label that looked authentic, as if it had just washed up on the shore after a storm.

We used a specialist aged paper stock, gold foiling and embossing to give the label depth and tactility. From here, we developed an immersive consumer website complete with CGI imagery and sea shanties that allowed the consumer to engage with the brand and buy direct.

When we create a lifestyle brand, we are required to dig deeper and build an emotional element into the offering. We need consumers to connect at levels far beyond the packaging or taste. For us, the obvious connection was to implore consumers to take on the spirit of Neptune when faced with life's challenges. For themselves to dig deep and find an inner strength beyond what they thought was possible. We centred these stories around the ocean and the people that make it part of their lives through recreation or work. These people are the essence of the brand and bring the spirit to life. The moments would pass but memories would remain and enriched by telling stories and sharing these memories over a glass of rum. Neptune, the Spirit of Adventure. 

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Their Story

Produced in one of the oldest Distilleries in Barbados from a single blend, Neptune has a distinct taste that has been well received by the critics. Since its launch, Neptune has gained a small share of the market and is sold direct and into trade.

The brand is seeing further growth in both markets having won over 20 awards in the last 12 months including the coveted ‘Spirit of the year’ and a design award for the label and branding. We are now working with the founders to create consumer led campaigns across multiple channels to further raise awareness and enhance all that has been achieved in such a small amount of time. This is testament to the founders, who insisted on blending the best tasting rum in the world, the brand that supported this and another gap missed by the major alcohol brands. 

Neptune Rum is a multi-award winning brand...

The Spirits Business

The Design and Packaging Masters 2017 - Silver

The Design and Packaging Masters 2019 - Gold

The Design and Packaging Masters 2019 - Masters

SIP Awards

Individual Bottle Design 2018 - Gold

Individual Bottle Design 2019 - Gold

World Rum Awards

Best Label Design 2019 - Silver

Best New Launch Design 2019 - Gold

Denver International Spirit Competiton

Best Design and Packaging 2019 - Silver

Bartenders Brand Awards

Design Medal 2018 - Silver

The Grocer Awards

New Product Awards 2019 (Alcoholic Drinks) - Highly Commended