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An analytical, logical, process driven agency with a team that’s dedicated to producing intuitive, beautifully crafted websites.

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Our core focus was to ensure that NerdCow would be noticed, but before considering the creative we needed to discover what made NerdCow different from every other web agency and templated platforms.

NerdCow underwent our DIG process, discovering what was needed to ensure they would stand out amongst the herd of web agencies, resulting in a brand evolution. Our DIG process revealed that NerdCow was filled with a team of intuitive and emotive individuals, that were passionate about what they do, yet this needed to be balanced with their precise, logical, process-driven way of working. With this in mind, we created a brand that was balanced to ensure prospective clients perceived NerdCow as knowledgeable and approachable, yet having their personality reflected within their work. Getting a new website should be fun and engaging, with the feeling of excitement remaining from the start of the project to delivery and beyond...

We created an ident that was constructed from NerdCow's three focal points as a business: organisation needs & objectives, customers and NerdCow. Being a digital brand, we wanted the playfulness to continue and make NerdCow feel interactive. We evolved NerdCow's iconography library, allowing the triangles to morph into each other, all of which used the same three triangles that make up the NerdCow ident.

In order for prospective clients to know NerdCow are different, we needed to tell them; this led to us creating a sub-brand, 'The Bridge". 'The Bridge' is part of NerdCow's internal development process and something they needed to take ownership of; consequently requiring its own identity.