O' Be Joyful

Launching a wine and chocolate brand inspired by the iconic era of travel

Wine expert Kristina and her chocolatier sister Xeniya are creating the first subscription service for chocolate and wine pairings.

Launching in three London locations, O' Be Joyful is an Instagrammer's dream! With beautiful vintage interiors and inspired by old locomotives, O' Be Joyful has taken a creative journey the founders could never have expected.

We took the client through our Dig process to unlock the brand and expand their vision, which led us to create a Wes Anderson inspired brand.

O' Be Joyful Logo
O' Be Joyful Uniform
O' Be Joyful Stationary Set

The Dig

With O' Be Joyful, we wanted to create a brand that escapes the ordinary and brings joy to people's lives' There is a limited market of chocolate or wine delivery services to compete with and none with a theme like ours.

We strived to create a unique, exciting and altruistic brand that excaptures the character of it's creators – Rich, opulent with a quintessential British twist!

O' Be Joyful hope to offer customers a unique service in both the real world and digital world. The brand is a chance for them to share their knowledge with the world, giving customers a magical taste experience they will remember and share with others through the passing on of knowledge.

We produced an extensive glossary for the brand, based heavily on the locomotive theme but combined with the personality of the offering. We distilled their brand full of experience, knowledge and joy into one line: Discover tastes that transcend the unexpected.

The experience of O' Be Joyful is carried through both online and offline. The engaging and magical journey customers go through when visiting their cafe or purchasing from their website, immerses you into the world of O' Be Joyful.