Picknix - Fresh from the grill


Easy to build meals, straight to your home

Picknix is a fresh and healthy entrant into the home delivery meal market, one that offers the major advantage of convenience combined with strong nutritional benefits.

Third Floor had fine food for thought when we were given the task of branding and promoting PickNix and its offering of good, honest meals, made fresh and delivered hot to your door. And that’s when we tucked in with our Dig. The Picknix concept is simple. Pick your carb (base), add your desired protein and then select from a range of seven different salads. Finish off with a dressing of your choice. All ingredients are served and cooked fresh with the meat, fish or vegetable protein finished in a ceramic barbecue to give it a delicious chargrilled flavour. PickNix meals are delivered to the customer in around 30 minutes after the order is placed. Third Floor knew the story had to be about more than just the health benefits, as we also needed to convince people that this is great tasting and convenient food.

PickNix Logo
Picknix Flyer
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PickNix is a challenger brand, starting a food revolution, taking on the home delivery market and injecting something new and fresh into it. Now there’s a great tasting and healthy alternative to pizza and burgers! Ordering from PickNix is ideal for Friday night feasts or mid-week meals when you have no time to cook. And with such healthy options, this is guilt-free fast food, fresh from the grill and direct to your home. The brand we’ve shaped for PickNix is fresh, honest and tasty... just like the food. We’ve showcased the ingredients, the cooking process and the delicious end results with wit and style. Finally you can feel good about fast food.