Revive - Auto Apothecary


An artisan approach to developing a premium car care range

Create a brand that reflected REVIVE's artisan approach to developing a premium car care range. From the name through to a mobile responsive e-commerce site, we brought Revive to life! Through the immersive Dig we were able to position the brand as a premium car care range, developed by experts and inspired by the golden age of motor racing. Every touchpoint was carefully considered and developed in-line with their values.

The aim

REVIVE exists to inspire and help their customers learn the best ways to clean, protect and maintain their cars in the finest condition using only the most appropriate products for each element of the task. The brand was based on three key principles – educate, inspire and engage.

The REVIVE team is made up of leading professionals and enthusiasts with a desire to deliver the finest product and guide customers through the process.

Revive Logo
Revive Product Bottles
Revive Racer

The Dig

As with every project, we began with a Dig. This allowed us to better understand the world of car detailing and what made REVIVE special – the next challenge was to bring this to life. We went through a naming continuum which included a long list of potential options, but we all agreed REVIVE captured the brand. From here, we developed a simple word-mark underpinned by a descriptor – Auto Apothecary. With an agreed strategy and identity in place we developed an entire suite of packaging, including bottles, labels and outer boxes to communicate the brand and stages of the cleaning process.

Our team of designers and developers worked collaboratively to deliver a mobile responsive, e-commerce website built on Shopify. We designed and developed bespoke page templates that integrated with the platforms back end system which allows REVIVE to edit content and manage stock seamlessly.

Since its launch, REVIVE has received an amazing response from both consumers and the car detailing industry.