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Sentai: the intelligent home assistant that brings your home to life, allowing you to live yours more easily.

With the home tech market set to reach £53.45 billion and 71% of homes having at least one smart home device by 2022, the world of technological home assistance is growing rapidly. The Sentai concept is at the forefront of this technology, supporting the predictions that artificial intelligence is going to play a fundamental role in how we use our homes in the future.

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The launch of Amazon Echo and Google Home highlighted concerns relating to the successful integration of a wide variety of home technologies. Such issues provide an ideal opportunity for a system such as Sentai that handles everything in the home, from security to entertainment. Sentai helps you take control of so many aspects of your home life. By learning your lifestyle Sentai enables you to focus on your life without having to think so much about the little things. Using intriguing surreal imagery and the emotive strapline ‘I am your everyday, made easier’, Third Floor are steadily building awareness for Sentai: the only tech company using artificial intelligence to bring homes to life.

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