SK- IN - Gender-neutral beauty


Going beyond SK- IN deep

SK-IN proves that simplicity is key, when it comes to creating an understated yet stylish brand. Simple in it's approach, simple through it's packaging and with a very simple promise. Beauty products should be for everyone. 

We felt we needed to give SK-IN a USP – gender neutral beauty. Even the ‘-In’ of the name represents the element for a neutral substance. When designing the packaging, we wanted to solve the problem of finding a shade in the over-crowded beauty bay, so we introduced a design system that clearly labels the product through a numbering system and coloured tags. 

Combined, this allowed us to create our very first 'Masstige' brand. Although the packaging and on-shelf presence was equal to the larger corporations, the price point was not. SK -IN was not about generating obscene profits. Their ethos was that beauty is for everyone, so how could they possibly carry a premium price tag? Through our discovery sessions and workshops it was evident that this team were on a mission to change the perception of the beauty industry and build a brand that talked to people at a level they could relate to. To remove the 'gloss' that surrounds the industry and make things simple again. 

SK-IN Logo
SK-IN Eyelash Packaging
SK-IN Lipstick Packaging

The Dig

Our ‘Dig’ with the team at SK-IN found that growth in the beauty industry is driven by new product trends and innovation; strong demand for so-called prestige products (ie luxury beauty lines). There is also a growing trend around ‘gender neutral’ products across all sectors, which became the motivation behind SK-IN’s brand.

SK-IN believes that everyone deserves to look good, so they have carefully developed products to suit all skin types. To them, beauty is more than skin deep. They are shaking up the industry and releasing products their customers want and deserve, regardless of their gender, and we were proud to create the brand to support this.